The story of King Arth-yr Ddantgwyn comes to an end in the 520AD, in the battle of Camlann. In the heat of battle, Arth-yr, with the legendary Excalibur, lands a fatal blow to his son Mordred, before receiving a deadly wound himself. Before succumbing to his wounds, he tasks his loyal knight Sir Bedivere with returning Excalibur, the source of Arth-yr's powers, to the Lady in the Lake.


Nineteen years later, Arth-yr’s illegitimate son, Owain must stop evil from seizing power over Excalibur and take up his father’s mantle as King.

DIRECTOR - Antony Smith
WRITERS - Antony Smith & Victor Mawer
PRODUCERS - Rhodri Davies & Emmet Cummins
STARRING - Adam Byard, Annes Elwy, Gavin Swift, Nicola Staurt-Hill, Simon Armstrong


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